Heroyam Slava: The Heroes of Maidan

Article in Balkanist Magazine, 2015

‘The new heroes of Maidan have memorials fitted to their novelty. Maidan Square, where the latest revolution began, is today a strange combination of memorial, protest, and charity event. Candles trace an enormous trident – a national symbol – across the square. There is an exhibition of photographs from the war in the east and soldiers ask for money to support their battalions … Perhaps, one day, these heroes will also be cast in bronze.’

The Art of War

Article in Zymbol Magazine, 2015

‘Imagine yourself as a 25-year old Bosnian artist. In a filthy bar somewhere deep in Kreuzberg, Le Marais or Brooklyn, you meet a local. You know the way the scene will unfold. You mention your homeland, and your new friend’s eyebrows are suddenly raised. They ask you the same question you have heard many times before – how is Bosnia now? An innocent enough question, of course, and motivated by genuine curiosity. But also a question which has a silent subtext – the war.’

Road To Nowhere: Sarajevo’s Abandoned Bobsleigh Track

Photoessay by Matt Webber and Lisa Furness, 2014

‘The track snakes down the side of Trebevic mountain, about an hour’s walk from the centre of Sarajevo. The photographer Lisa Furness and I climbed up to it during December 2014, on a day alternately snowy and bleak … Today, the track stands as an informal monument to the processes that have shaped BiH since 1984.’

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