I am currently undertaking PhD research at the University College London (UCL) Institute of Archaeology. This research is being supported by an AHRC scholarship.

My research is primarily anthropological in approach, and focuses on the role and instrumentalization of culture in post-conflict societies. Both my MA and PhD theses explore the role of contemporary art and associated fields in contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). In pursuing this research, I have convened events on contemporary art and anthropology, undertaken preparatory research projects in the UK, conducted a year of fieldwork in BiH, and continue to build proficiency in a number of languages.

I am currently seeking opportunities to extend my research, applying insights gained as part of my PhD work to other post-conflict societies, particularly contemporary Ukraine.



English - Mother tongue

German - B1

Serbo-Croatian - A2 (ongoing study)

Russian - Very basic (ongoing study)



2016 - PhD, UCL Institute of Archaeology and SOAS (London)

Thesis supervised by Prof. Paul Basu and Dr. Rodney Harrison;

The Instrumentalization of Contemporary Art in Bosnia-Herzegovina

2013 - MA Social Anthropology, University of Bristol (UK) | Distinction

Dissertation supervised by Prof. David Shankland;

Art of the Epoch; Sarajevans' Construction of Aesthetic Identity

2008 - BA English Literature, Goldsmiths College, University of London | 2:1 (avg. 64)

Dissertation supervised by Dr. Frank Krause;

The Text as Artefact; The Enduring Traces of Modernity in 1990s Pulp Literature




Arts and Culture Editor, Balkanist Magazine – www.balkanist.net

I have edited and written for this regional magazine since January 2015.


Fieldwork in Bosnia-Herzegovina

As part of my PhD research, I undertook a year of fieldwork in BiH, working as a journalist, gallery intern, and artist, in addition to conducting interviews and participant-observation.


Artist, assorted projects – www.mrwbih.com

For further details of my visual work, much of which explores the collision between analysis and aesthetics, please see my website.



Author, Contemporary Art Museums in the Former Yugoslavia, paper presentation at the EEA conference - https://www.eaa2014istanbul.org/sayfa/144

This paper was an initial presentation of my PhD research.



Author, Art, Anthropology and the Balkans, paper presentation at IUAES conference


This paper was an initial presentation of my MA dissertation.


Convener, Gell and “Aesthetic Atheism”, Seminar at Spike Island, Bristol (UK)


As part of the ongoing Extra-Curricular seminar series, I led discussion on the problems and opportunities offered by Gell's notion of “aesthetic atheism”.


Artist and Researcher, The Library Book, Research Project and Artists' Book www.thelibrarybook.co.uk, http://mrw.yt/work2.html

Undertaken partially as a “case study” for my MA dissertation, this collaborative research project focused on organisational adaptation and the presentation of identity through cultural resource development.


Peer Reviewer, Student Anthropologist, Postgraduate Journal


I have acted as a peer reviewer for papers submitted to this journal since April 2013.



Organiser and Chairman, Art and Anthropology Seminar, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK


This seminar sought to explore the interactions between art and anthropology by bringing together practitioners working in and between both disciplines.


Teaching Assistant, BA Archaeology and Anthropology, Unversity of Bristol

I have lectured and assisted students on the practical considerations and methods of ethnography in preparation for their BA dissertations.


Artist, IIAL, Various events and publications


This collaborative project, which sought to unite the 'creative' and 'academic' portions of my work, produced journals, visual art and lectures inspired by academic debates.